Our Footprint

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

49,738 trees planted in the elrow-Forest and 9,791.02 tons of CO2 offset in 2023. We have partnered with Tree Nation Company to create our own forest and offset CO2 emissions. In our forest, we not only reforest and protect these tropical areas, but Tree Nation also works on biodiversity conservation and contributes to the economic development and education of the local community.

More than 1,317.86 m2 of Posidonia replanted thanks to elrow Ibiza and Amnesia. One of our goals for 2023 has been to collaborate with Environmental Foundations to mitigate our impact and leave a positive footprint for future generations. With the underwater meadows project of the Ona Futura Foundation, 1,317.86 m2 of Posidonia is being replanted in Mediterranean waters. Posidonia is an essential plant for marine life and the world as we know it, as it is one of the Earth's lungs, generating more oxygen than terrestrial forests and capturing 20 times more CO2 per m2.

Sustainable Transportation. From our logistics department, we study improvements for optimizing our material transport. We use only essential vehicles and organize loading and unloading to reduce our carbon footprint. Some editions, like elrowtown in London or Amsterdam, do not have customer parking, which increases the use of public transportation.


Optimizing Energy at Our Festivals. At elrow, we are working on an energy efficiency plan to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. In elrowtown Amsterdam, we already reduced emissions by 40% during the 2022 edition thanks to the use of new batteries that optimize energy performance. In the latest edition of elrowtown Madrid, we reduced CO2 emissions by 59.21% compared to 2022, thanks to the use of sustainable generators and the sustainable energy contribution provided by IFEMA.


Quality, Nutritious, and Sustainable Food. Every year, we increase the offerings of vegetarian food and local products to reduce CO2 emissions and support local suppliers. Since 2020, at elrowtown Amsterdam, we have only offered vegetarian catering and food trucks. Additionally, this year, we have started a campaign disclosing figures related to the emissions of various food options with the intention of promoting the consumption of low-impact environmental foods. In the Madrid edition this year, a total of 50% of the options were vegan.