Our Materials


Dance, Reduce & Reuse. Between 97% and 99% of the materials used in our festivals are reused. We design all stages, costumes, and decorations to extend their useful life for at least 5 years.

Reusable Cups. All the cups at our festivals are reusable. Over the past year, our audience has reused each cup more times, and we have recovered +2 tons of dirty and/or broken cups to manufacture more furniture for 2024 through the circular economy project with Walue.

Reducing Single-Use Plastics. Only biodegradable cutlery and packaging are allowed in the food/food truck areas to reduce plastic usage and facilitate the recycling of organic waste. This measure results in a 67% reduction in materials and, consequently, a reduction in the total waste generated at our festivals.

Reusable Water Bottles. During the assembly and disassembly of the festival, we replace water bottles with reusable water bottles for all workers to reduce the use of plastic bottles and minimize water waste. In the Madrid edition of elrowtown, the consumption of water from these sources was over 6200 liters of water, thus preventing the consumption of 13,000 plastic bottles. You can get your water bottle in our merchandise store.

Our Costumes. We maximize the reuse of our fabrics and costumes, transforming them into new characters, pieces, or decoration products when they are worn out. Our oldest costume has been with us for 9 years and has been in 79 shows, while the most used one has danced at 190 parties and has been transformed into 3 different characters.

Inflatables and Toys. We want to convey to our followers the importance of responsible consumption of our inflatables and toys; the more times they are used, the more people enjoy them, the better! In our festivals, we organize collections of all defective or abandoned toys and inflatables to give them a new life: we want to transform them into artistic pieces, activations, and merchandise bags.

Confetti. Our confetti is biodegradable.


Reducing Waste and Promoting Recycling. We have improved waste collection before, during, and after our festivals, thereby increasing our recycling rates. In editions like Elrowtown Madrid, we reduced waste by 37% in 2023 compared to the previous edition, and in Elrowtown London, by 38%.

Recycling Stations. We have more points and recycling stations for waste separation. We are proud of our audience, which is increasingly conscious of sustainability, participating in waste separation. This small gesture makes recycling easier and helps us keep our festivals cleaner.

Separation at Bars. We have implemented a new operation to improve waste separation at the bars. Additionally, cans and bottle caps are not given to the public to completely separate this type of waste for recycling.

Our Green Team. We provide training in recycling and sustainability to our cleaning and bar staff. Thanks to their efforts, we obtain clean waste, and we can recycle more than 98% of the waste generated at the bars (glass, metal, and cardboard).


Turning Waste into Resources. Thanks to the Walue project, we have transformed 4 tons of plastic waste into furniture for our festivals. Furthermore, all our chill-out area bean bags have been manufactured by reusing over 800 kg of unused decorations and canvases from previous years.