elrow Ocean x Ona Futura

1,317.86 m2 of Posidonia Replanted in the Mediterranean!

Ibiza is unique for its energy, its parties, its crystal-clear waters, and its paradisiacal beaches. While our parties resonate on the coast, we dive into the depths of the sea to protect this island that gives us so much. Thanks to the collaboration in 2023 between elrow Ibiza, Amnesia, and the Ona Futura Foundation, 1,317.86 m2 of Posidonia are being replanted in Mediterranean waters. Posidonia is a marine plant found on the seabed of the Mediterranean, and its meadows are the lungs of nature, as each hectare of Posidonia captures up to 14 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year and produces about 8 tons of oxygen. For more information and to contribute, visit: https://onafutura.org/es/