Our headquarters

Our creative lab

It is the epicenter where our shows are born. At elrow, we are constantly looking for exceptional creative talents who wish to immerse themselves in our creative chaos. It is a privilege to have brilliant minds that take our shows to new heights. Every year we challenge ourselves with new goals, motivating our team and allowing our dreams to expand.

We thank all of them for contributing to the success of our brand.

International headquarters

Although elrow performs shows worldwide, we cannot overlook our central headquarters in Bilbao, as well as our centers and workshops in Ibiza and Barcelona. These are true creative laboratories in constant turmoil, inhabited by creative minds that include artisans, artists, draftsmen, painters, sculptors, seamstresses and more. Here, every day, we experiment with new ideas.

We have managed to create an exceptional environment that allows our creatives to transform dreams into reality. In addition, we have multiple offices in other countries to support all our creative extravagances.

Our dream factory

Welcome to our workshop, a 7000 m² space of pure creativity, where the extraordinary comes to life. With the collaboration of more than 60 creative minds, this is the place where we design and produce our shows from scratch. Here, we also bring to life the characters that are part of our magic. We manufacture 100% of our shows. Thanks to the skill and dedication of our craftsmen, every decorative element becomes an essential part of our dazzling shows.