Our creative process

How is a show created at elrow?

At elrow, the creation of a show is a process that embraces innovation, transgression and surprise. This approach has been the secret of the Arnau family to stay at the top of the entertainment world since 1870.

Our talented creatives understand this principle perfectly. Every year, we meet with a clear goal: to continue evolving, breaking barriers and perfecting our shows to ensure that each "wow" is even more spectacular and special. Welcome to our continuous pursuit of excellence!

Creating WOWS and making dreams come true

At elrow, turning the impossible into possible is our daily challenge. We strive to surprise through experiences that generate "wows", and to achieve this, we provide our creatives with the necessary resources to grow and innovate continuously.

We have a team of more than 150 direct employees worldwide, supported by a network of more than 6,000 artists who bring our shows to life around the world. It all starts with the inspiration of creative teams that come together in brainstorming sessions, led by a creative director and composed of choreographers, costume designers, animation directors, lighting and set experts, among other talents.

Our sets: masters in creating universes

At elrow, our set design team plays a fundamental role, bringing sets and decorations to life in a unique environment that transports the customer to a parallel dream universe.

With more than 20 shows worldwide, elrow has created more than 50 sets of different sizes, from small to large formats. These sets, manufactured entirely in our facilities, travel around the world to host shows ranging from 2,000 to 55,000 spectators. Each one is carefully designed and built internally in our workshops, before embarking on its journey around the world.

Each theme, show and spectacle will travel to more than 10 countries and perform more than 20 presentations, ensuring that the magic of elrow reaches global audiences in multiple destinations.

Our sewing workshop

Our sewing workshop is the heart of creativity at elrow. With over 1,000 square meters of space and a team of 15 dedicated people, it houses an impressive collection of 4,000 costumes that are part of the essence of our shows. Here, our talented artisans have the freedom to develop their skills, experiment with new materials and let their imagination run wild to create stunning costumes.

In addition to costume making, our workshop has areas dedicated to animation and acting, where our team of actors can hone their skills and convey their passion for interacting with the public. This culture of continuous learning is fundamental to us, and we are proud to share our knowledge with new team members.

An integral part of our commitment to sustainability, our sewing workshop strives to give a second life to our costumes once they have fulfilled their mission of traveling and entertaining around the world.

In addition, we are open to new perspectives in costume design. We have adopted innovative approaches, drawing inspiration from techniques used in fields as diverse as plumbing, aviation and even dentistry. We use devices such as batteries, adhesives and miniature lights to explore how they can be incorporated into our costumes and the impact they will have on their weight and maintenance.

Our music and our community of artists

elrow was born in Barcelona in 2010 as a hub of tech house, however it has constantly evolved to encompass a wide range of musical genres in all its shows, from house, techno, disco and beyond.

We have a team of more than eight resident artists who travel the world carrying the unique spirit of elrow, while each of our shows features the presence of renowned figures from the global electronic scene. We always seek out the best artists on the international scene to share their music at our events, creating an unforgettable sound experience for our attendees.

The Actors

At elrow, we have a prominent cast of international circus artists, distributed throughout the world. Currently, our team has more than 30 people dedicated to directing, explaining and teaching our artists how to interact with our audience in an exceptional way.

We are proud to have a network of more than 3,000 artists who travel the world and join us at our events. Our choreography directors ensure that our teams focus on creating "wow" moments throughout each show, where the audience plays a fundamental active role.

At elrow, we consider the audience as the epicenter of our creative universe. All our ideas revolve around them, ensuring that each interaction, each act and each detail are designed to engage and surprise our viewers.