José Satorres, nicknamed Josepet, was born in 1845 in Fraga, into a family of farmers. After discovering Madrid's nightlife and cabarets during his military service in 1863, he decided to open his own café in 1870, becoming the meeting point for the town's businessmen.

Wearing suits and ties, he broke with local traditions and founded a coach company to connect Fraga with Lleida, promoting his café. This became a successful social club on Paseo Barron, where José lost his properties in card games, but recovered them over time.

The Club Café Josepet offered entertainment for local farmers, but his son rejected the family line of work, dedicating himself to agriculture in Monegros and Vega near Fraga. After José's death, his daughter-in-law and daughter, María Satorres, along with her husband Antonio Duran, revived the family legacy by returning to Fraga from Barbastro, rekindling the passion for hospitality.


After the closure of Café Josepet, Antonio reopened it as Bar Victoria. The bar's success and its social club led Antonio to expand the business, obtaining permission from his mother-in-law María to use the family's old stables as a base. Thus was born the Teatro Victoria in the twenties, offering bold and revolutionary variety shows.

The Theater was connected to the Café and Antonio's residence, who actively supervised its operations. A rivalry arose with Mr. Brunito, owner of another nearby theater, which was finally resolved by turning Teatro Victoria into the famous Cine Victoria.

The cinema was so successful that Antonio opened an adjacent terrace to screen films in the summer, creating the first open-air cinema in the province. Thus, the Duran Satorres established Spain's first complete entertainment center, with Cine Victoria as its flagship.

Meanwhile, Juan Arnau Cabases and his wife Francisca Ibarz Quer arrived in Fraga from Aitona, founding Cine Florida after discovering the success of Antonio Duran's Cine Victoria. After a fierce competition, they decided to merge their businesses under the management of Santiago Satorres to allow the romance between Pilarín Durán and Arnau's son.


With a bold vision, Juan Arnau expanded his horizons in the entertainment world. From the Garden Terrace Florida to the Saloon Florida, he attracted the best orchestras of the time, leaving behind local amateur musicians to collaborate with nationally and internationally renowned groups.

In the 60s, he pursued Xavier Cugat until he convinced him to perform at the Florida. However, tragedy struck when Juan Arnau passed away a day before the show, leaving his legacy in the hands of his family.

Juanito and Pilarín continued the business, celebrating their wedding in the grand salon of the Florida. Inspired by Parisian shows, Juan dreamed of bringing that magic to Fraga. Together with Javier Regas, they created Club Florida, an electronic music center that encompassed all trends from the 80s to today.

Florida 135 became the epicenter of underground electronic music, marking a musical journey through decades and genres, from disco to the most avant-garde electronic music.


In 1993, Juanito Arnau, inspired by his father's inherited estate, accidentally gave rise to the Monegros Party, which later became an electronic music phenomenon. From 200 friends in its first year, the festival grew to more than 40,000 attendees in 2014 and 55,000

In 2006, it expanded with the Monegros Winter Festival at the Peñetas estate, followed by the M2 in Zaragoza the following year.

Meanwhile, Juan Arnau Duran, son of Pilarín and Juanito, took his family's ambition to Los Angeles, where he promised himself to bring his own show to Las Vegas, remembering his grandfather's story with Xavier Cugat.

Juan married María Cruz Lasierra and together they had two children, the current leaders of the elrow brand. After 15 years in Fraga, they moved to Barcelona, following in the footsteps of their university children.


Founded in 2010 by Cruz and Juan Arnau, elrow is an innovative leading brand in global entertainment and festivals. It belongs to the sixth generation of the Arnau Family, known for creating the legendary Monegros Desert Festival and the iconic Club Florida 135 in Fraga.

From a unique fusion of the best electronic music, stunning scenographies, impossible architectures, and extravagant performances, elrow has established a global standard of nomadic and thematic festivals that are one hundred percent immersive.

With residencies in Ibiza, Madrid, London, Dubai, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam, as well as the successful itinerant festival elrow Town, the brand has captivated more than 6 million people and conquered more than 50 cities, 40 countries, and 5 continents, establishing itself as a globally recognized entertainment powerhouse. Since 2017, elrow is part of Superstruct Entertainment, backed by the investment fund Providence Equity Partners, strengthening its position as an undisputed reference in the entertainment industry.


In the summer of 2016, we began what has been the brand's most successful season at Space Ibiza. Arriving in Ibiza meant a lot to us, as our father, Juan, landed on the island when he was just 14 years old on a trip that his father, along with a modern priest, organized for an end-of-year trip back in 1969. The goal was to visit the most libertarian and hedonistic island in the world and observe those eccentric characters who lived half-naked on the island: the real hippies.

Since then, all the Arnau have been visiting the island year after year. We have not missed a single one; sometimes to have fun, we confess, other times to rest, other times to work as promoters, but most of them to inspire us: to know or at least intuit what was missing, the most innovative, the most provocative.

Our greatest illusion has always been to be able to give back to the island what the island, its inhabitants, its promoters, and its visitors have given us over all these years. And apparently, only apparently, by bringing the concept of Elrow to the island we have achieved it. And we say "apparently" because, despite presenting our humble show all over the world, making a flag of Ibiza wherever we go, we will never be able to give back to the island and its people all that we have received from them over these years.

Today we have our weekly residence at Amnesia Ibiza, every Saturday from May to September, as well as four dates per season at Ushuaïa Beach Hotel. Every year we strive to prepare the most creative and immersive season for our elrow Ibiza fans. For us, Ibiza is the place where we can unleash our imagination.