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Women of the dance music industry.

Clubbing TV

Women of the dance music industry.

On this International Women’s Day, Clubbing TV is celebrating the strength, pride and achievements of the women in our industry.

Either working under the spotlights or in the shadows, these women are paving the way for the next generation of women in the electronic music scene.

We asked DJs, Bartenders, PR and Marketing Managers, Photographers, IT specialists, Dancers and Producers among many others, to answer one single question :

What are you the most proud of in your career so far ?

Carina Kornfeind

Carina Kornfeind (The Netherlands), Celebrating unity and freedom on the dance-floor, ID&T

I still remember my very first festival experience, it was Welcome to the Future in Amsterdam, the festival I ended up working for, for the last ten years. The experience of connectedness with like-minded people was something completely new and mind-blowing to me and i felt the calling to leave behind my commercial marketing job and to focus my career on bringing people together in exactly that way: on the dance-floor.

Then the crazy ride at ID&T begun. Together with my amazing team i had the honour to organise several indoor and outdoor festivals, including Mysteryland. Today, I can say that Mysteryland 2019 has been my personal highlight. Not only because it was our last event before the long Covid break, the last time we could do what we are so passionate about… Also because the amazing team effort we have put into the event for so many years perfectly seemed to fall into place. A sold out event with perfect weather, perfect sound and an exhilarating atmosphere! The last hour of Mysteryland 2019 was an hour of so much joy, so many tears, pride and satisfaction which we cherished together with our close crew. I will always carry this very special moment in my heart.

Raiza Carrera

Raiza Carrera (Perú), Head Bartender

I was born in Peru but I have lived in Barcelona for many years and I feel happy and fulfilled by all the achievements I have made throughout my career.

Always looking to evolve, study and learn more about the best cocktails I have been to many festivals and clubs in Ibiza in order to reach all goals I had set for myself.

I am currently very proud and happy to work in my favorite bar Libertinecocktailbar in Barcelona with an amazing team.

Nací en Perú pero vivo en Barcelona desde hace muchos años y me siento feliz y realizada por todos los logros que he alcanzado a lo largo de mi carrera.

Siempre buscando evolucionar, estudiar y aprender más sobre los mejores cócteles, he ido alcanzando todas mis metas y durante ese tiempo he estado en muchos festivales, clubs en Ibiza y actualmente

Estoy muy orgullosa y feliz de trabajar en mi bar favorito Libertinecocktailbar en Barcelona con un equipo increíble.

Marielle Hilgenga

Marielle Hilgenga (The Netherlands) – Head of Marketing at Loveland Events

Definitely the last edition of our Loveland ADE shows.We had to change our shows from night-, to day time and allowing only 75% of the total capacity due to government covid restrictions. At the same time we announced two extra shows to make sure we would not have to disappoint any of our visitors. 

With less than 3 weeks to change and announce everything it seemed nearly impossible but the whole team pulled their weight to make it happen. Even though it was our first production after the pandemic, we created a grand total of 8 shows in four days at two locations making it a personal record for Loveland Events.

The comeback is always stronger than the setback.

You can try to catch Marielle on those dates : 

Loveland van Oranje 2022 – April 27, 2022

Music On Festival 2022 – May 7 & 8, 2022

909 Festival 2022 | 10 YRS – May 28, 2022

Diynamic Festival Amsterdam 2022-June 4, 2022

Loveland Pool Party – August 12, 2022   Loveland Festival 2022 | 25 YRS – August 13 & 14, 2022

Loveland Hotel 2022 – August 12,13 & 14, 2022

Loveland ADE shows 2022 – October 20 – 23, 2022            


RJ THE DJ (Malawi)

RJ THE DJ (Malawi)

I’m proud that I started. I’m proud I got up and did what I had to do even if it was not perfect at the time and now. I’m just proud of myself for every gig I’ve done so far.

Francesca Neumann

Francesca Neumann (UK/Italy), Project Lead – elrow Holland at Apenkooi Events

Most proud of in my career so far – Taking a ride into the unknown.

After navigating several international experiences into my career including briefly living and working in Australia. Four years ago, whilst very happy in my role at Vice Media UK and over a decade living in London, I decided I needed to shake things up and finally took the plunge to move abroad. I knew there would be challenges here and there, but this move also happened only 18 months before the times of covid. Always a fan of lifelong learning – it’s never too late – this experience has already taught me so much already. I won’t deny I’ve hit a few bumps head on, but I really have taken the rough with the smooth. I now find myself in a special place that I can’t imagine having happened had I not made embraced the change, working across new brands a family of new colleagues and now leading the fantastic elrow brand in Holland. Here’s to continuing that ride!

Charlotte Amuge / R3IGN DROPS

Charlotte Amuge/ R3IGN DROPS (Uganda), DJ, Producer & Journalist

I am mostly proud of the fact that I am able to juggle between being an artist (DJ and Producer) and a Journalist at the same time.

But, I am mostly proud of myself for being able to learn and push myself further in to the best version that I can be for the different roles that I embody daily.

Emma Beldent

Emma Beldent (France/Spain) Operations Lead – PRONTO at BMAT Music Innovators / Label Manager at FORM music

I feel very proud to see more and more women taking over important roles in our once male-dominated industry. Although there is still a long way to go, I know we are finally moving towards the right direction.

I started to work at a record label 12 years ago where I was the only woman in the staff and taking care of almost exclusively male artists. Seeing how this changed over the years was just amazing.

I’m now leading the Digital Operations team at BMAT where I’m surrounded by so many amazing and inspiring women handling both technical and business roles!

It may sound cliché but I’m simply proud of my personal and professional journey. I studied and worked hard to get where I am today. I would not change any part of it and I have to say it’s being one hell of a ride 🙂

Rachel Ecclestone

Rachel Ecclestone (The Netherlands) Photographer

A recent moment that struck me, and made me very proud of my progress, was last week. A large festival that I was in awe of and worked at for the first time but 3 years ago, a dream goal already to have been asked to work at, (2 year break in between) called to ask who I would like to work alongside, to provide a list of new, talented, photographers to add to the teams for 2022. The feeling of having been given the trust of putting forth names that I felt were underrated or under the radar, as well as being able to put forth female names is an incredible position to be put in – as well as being seen as a tastemaker in the scene is an honour. To have gone from a daydreamer of being in the ‘scene’, to being able to lift people into it, made me feel incredibly seen and heard.

Cruz Arnau

Cruz Arnau (Spain), elrow Co-Founder & Brand Steward

Bring joy and happiness all over the world is probably what I’m most proud of.

When we created elrow we haven’t thought for a minute we’ll achieve what we’re currently doing. My brother and myself just wanted to do a new concept of party in Barcelona, something to have fun with our friends and close clients. People loved the event and started bringing the show to other cities in Spain, then some international shows… and now we’re present in the 5 continents, partnering up with some of the best promoters in the world, doing more than 100 shows a year and doing our own big festivals. It’s a big responsibility but when I go to the shows and see all those people enjoying it, all efforts have paid off. We’re very passionate of what we do.!!