The Sun Never Rises on the Elrow Party Empire


Vicenç Marti is a serial entrepreneur in gaming, travel, adtech and even Blockchain. He is the President of elrow and has been pivotal in bringing “the world’s craziest party” to a global audience. Behind the scenes elrow is anything but gonzo. The organization is committed to the values of sustainability, harm reduction, participation and not taking yourself too seriously. Setting a new standard of success by making the audience the show, elrow isn’t only influencing it’s broad global community, it’s bringing the whole industry along for the crazy ride.

In our conversation we discuss elrow’s new commitment to sustainability, which Vicenç admit needs improvement. He tells me about throwing colorful raves in China and cultural sensitivity. We chat about spreading the values of family all around the world while keeping it cheeky. At the end of our conversation, Vicenç even gives me some timely advice about this podcast.

While the episode goes pretty deep into the industry, there’s also invaluable wisdom on leadership from this innovative global behemoth.