Hey Family!

My name's Okuda San Miguel; yeah, that's right, that multi-coloured artist, a little bit crazy with my head in the clouds, that's me. And always looking on the bright side of life and absolutely crazy about electronic music.

And here I am to bring you something totally fresh and wild. I'm presenting my latest act of madness: Welcome to my private KAOS GARDEN.

So, what the f**ck am I talking about? Well, get ready for it! I've turned one of my favourite paintings of all times - the Garden of Earthly Delights - into something real. You know what I mean, that mega famous painting by the Dutch guy El Bosco with three scenes that tell us our future: paradise, the earth and hell itself.

I've decided to change the rules of this masterpiece and give the story a little twist. Screw that shit about just a simple, tiny sin getting us kicked out of paradise and into a world where we had to be on our best behaviour so as not to get booted into hell! No way! Here's my take - let's start in hell itself (we all know we like it more than we let on) and then travel on into a world of colour, until we get to paradise. Which, by the way, won't be easy to get to, you crazy bunch of sinners! ;-)

But, once you get to paradise you'll enter my Kaos and Paco Osuna's too, who'll be the master of ceremonies and in charge of kicking ass in my garden and of your freedom, with an amazing all night long session. Dance until Doomsday, dance however you want, break all the rules, nobody's watching!

That's it guys. I'll be waiting for you inside this masterpiece where we'll go from night to day, from hell to Paradise in one huge nonstop party, a moment to feel alive and magical where not only will we party like the mad sinners we are, we'll all be art personified.

Get ready for cursed angels, blessed demons, huge eyes that stare out from amongst multi-coloured skulls, flying boats, uneven mountains and slightly crashed stars.

Join us on this trip in search of the moment of creation. Buy Adam a drink while you try to hit on Eve. ;-)

Yeah, that's right, show us your inner snake and if you find the apple give it a big juicy bite and don't worry about what you'll turn into. That's our business!


Immerse yourself in a surreal universe with kaos stars to guide us on our way, multicolored skulls that open at our pace, boats that fly to put down roots, flying mountains, trees, birds, unicorns and mermaids. A place where reality and fantasy, the lived and the dreamed, the beginning and the end, are your choice and your destiny.


Paco Osuna will be the master of ceremonies, leading us through different soundscapes, rhythms and moments that will evolve throughout the party, guiding us on our journey. Classical and new themes, hidden scores and even a kaos anthem that will announce paradise.


At Kaos Garden you will find humans who are animals, cages that are we and that we are not inside, damned angels and blessed demons, vibrant tribes, priests, nuns and playful eyes. A journey in which we will always be accompanied by the guardians of our souls, beings who remind us that we are always free, no matter where or when.

And YOU!

You will be part of this great work of art: enjoy it, take part and choose your way in a journey in which freedom and fun—far from being an illusion—are a call to find your destiny. Let us walk toward the sunrise, toward the moment in which we are transformed, in which we are reborn through finding our goal, the light and the origin of all things, a point at which we will have no limits.