Underground urban chic meets tats and beards. Dance your way around eclectic eco-stalls, groove as you munch on food-truck tapas and relish this alternative microcosm of positive energy and street smart vibes. Hey, too much time here and you'll ditch it all to set up a fixie workshop on the beachfront.


This show rocks a street-market vibe and elrow's gone a bit gentrified too: food-trucks, urban gardens and craft stalls where everybody's welcome to pitch in and create and learn something new. Homemade, handmade, lovemade… it's all good!


Musically, Las Filipinas is all about chilling and going with the flow: you'll sip your km0 drinks to some Deep House and smoother than smooth beats. The perfect contemporary soundtrack for you modern coolhunters.


Expect flea market explorers, vintage clothes lovers and alternative fashion designers, hipper than hip baristas along with friendly demonstrators with a cause to defend. Ah, and don't be surprised if you bump into some new age prophets, ready to expand your horizons with new skills.

And YOU!

Get ready for a perfect Sunday morning urban vibe: finger food, friends, great music, a bit of arts & crafts, and our fabulous GRAND VERMOUTH. What else could you ask for a relaxing market walkabout? The most hipster elrow experience ever!