Dance – a state of meditation, ecstasy, an immersion into a vibration that makes us happy, where we forget time, the world around us and experience the immediate state of being. Dance is where we synchronize. It is where transformation happens, for it needs movement to shed old layers of skin and allow something new to emerge. Dedicated to the mistress of renewal, Dance with the Serpent by artist NYCHOS is an immersion into the fascinating realm of snakes. Vibrant creatures, radiating great levels of aesthetics while they move. They may tempt us into darkness, for only there do we see light. After all, it is the snake that encounters us as a symbol of healing across many cultures: The serpent entwined around the rod of Asclepius, or Kundalini as the primal creative force, rising up the spine to reunite with cosmic energy. The visual landscape of Dance with the Serpent explores the parallels of presumed opposites: animal and human, physical and metaphysical, dark and bright, life and death. NYCHOS invites to dive into the experience, make connections, shake off the old, and discover something new.


The dance of the serpent consists of winding through all the colors of the rainbow. It radiates transformative power that reveals portals to different dimensions. Immerse yourself in translucent anatomical imagery, surround yourself with vibrant creatures, and connect with worlds and hearts that open up around you.


If the primary goal of the 'DANCE WITH THE SERPENT' show is to get you dancing, then undoubtedly, music will play a crucial role. It will take us on a journey through various soundscapes, creating rhythms and moments that will evolve throughout the party, guiding us on our own creative exploration within Nychos' unique universe. Get ready to experience the talents of some of the best DJs on the planet!


Throughout the evening, you will encounter different mythological figures as well as protagonists from the NYCHOS multiverse. Brace yourselves to meet embodied serpents, witches, spirit animals and organs, as well as Medusa, Anubis, Nefertiti and Horus. Each encounter is meant to be, and everything is connected.

And YOU!

Join an immersion like you've never felt