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Today's a drag and the future sucks, so you ask your blue cat to open the star gate it keeps in its little magic pocket to check out if the past has anything cool to see. You turn it on but as usual you touch something you shouldn't and cause a rip in the fabric of space and time that shoots you into a new world where stone-age cave dwellers, medieval dudes, Bedouins, Egyptians and even two-metre high blue space people all get mixed up into one wild never-ending party. Find the star gate, open it up and time travel your way to a parallel world of the past, present, and future.


Fun is a major issue in the new world, with the star gate right on top of the DJ booth, so you can come straight into the party. And the first thing you'll see: a huge phoenix, pyramids, fluorescent foliage and a lot of weird wood and metal stuff nobody knows what they do but we think they're cool.


What brings the new world inhabitants together is their love of electronic music of all kinds and styles. Sometimes though, they get a bit nostalgic and raise up hell with their tom-toms, their jambés and other tribal beats that remind of their far-off lands.


In the new world, there's room for everybody and everything: Cro-Magnons, Bedouins, feudal lords, African tribes … And they all have their own special rituals, from their traditional dances to some other weirder stuff such as… well, let's just say, check yourself out for tooth marks the day after.

And YOU!

Get your explorer kit on and practise your new person smile. They'll be very new, maybe a bit bluer than you'd expect, and some thousand years older than you, but it's all cool. Just do what they do, which is something you're pretty good at already; having some wicked fun.