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TNT, the row row tribe, party pipes and wooping Indians. And who said we can't mix tons of confetti with galloping cowboys? If the west could have been won like this, Custer would've ended up in drag and Kevin would've grooved with the wolves instead of dancing with them.


Duels at dusk, fierce inflatable animals from the prairies, the Saloon, tipis, the town bank all form part of Old elrow, our wildest and most hardcore town in the West. Good guys get to see the mines, baddies go straight to the Sheriff's jailhouse.


Electronic music is the order of the day. Except when silence falls dramatically and its showdown time, with a deadly duel. You and the other guy. The soundtracks of a thousand westerns fill your ears, you draw at the speed of light and stay alive to tell the tale. And the party continues.


The Dalton Bros. are in force, as well as antsy Indians dancing around the sacred fire. And when they get joined by our can can dancers, bank robbers and two-bit piano players, all hell breaks loose.

And YOU!

Feathers or spurs? Arrows or Pistols? Cowboys or Indians? Billy the Kid or Sitting Bull. Outlaws or deputies? War paint or uniforms? You choose, but whatever side you're on, you'll come out tops!