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You're a tourist in NY, you get lost in the metro and get off on 231st St. And you soon discover what party time, Bronx style, is like. From an abandoned subway car covered in graffiti, our DJs rule the show over gangs from the hood, illegal fights, mafia wise guys, break-dancers, ghetto nails and our rap crews that keep the word alive with some serious battling.


There's only one Bronx but we've taken over a bit of its real estate and set it up in elrow: graffiti everywhere, yellow cabs, hot-dog stands, and even a boxing ring that was up for grabs. And keep your eyes on the skies, the hanging sneakers mark the turf.


You get the soundtrack of a tourist who wanted to go to Manhattan but ended up in the Bronx. Unfazed by the gangs and the neighbourhood, everybody ends up dancing to electronic music in mega party mode, with some serious rap going down to keep the streets alive.


Bronx law is crystal clear: you have a wild time or you're doing time. So, have fun with the Italian brothers, the illegal fights and the one and only Bronx Globe Trotters, in charge of showing you how to really move your feet.

And YOU!

You saw it on TV and thought, hey, that doesn't look so tough. Well, here's your chance to find out for sure. Get into the street and dance with the gang. Keep your cool, show your gangsta style and live a night on the wild side, brother.