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You're just walking down the street minding your own business when suddenly you get entangled in a throng of rushing people. The next minute you realise you're on the set of a Bollywood film production. And you're bang in the middle, surrounded by vivid colours, huge crowds of dancers, veils, saris & silk, incense, henna and a procession of cool divine beings. Just be careful not to trip over the sacred cows!


The set is mind-blowing; a spectacular Taj Mahal with a pantheon of Hindu gods and goddesses overlooking the fun. And if his carpet doesn't break down, maybe even Aladdin will fly in from Persia for a bit of partying.


Let's say we've taken a bit of poetic license and while staying true to style with our electronic sounds, we've added some exotic Asian beats, and we've even got a bit of belly-dancing reserved for the extreme Bollywood fans out there.


Rolling! The film directors are on top form; with their cameras, actors, all mixed up with our friend Aladdin, some snake charmers, fakirs, shoeshine boys and a few Buddhas for good measure.

And YOU!

The camera falls in loves with you, giving you centre stage in this mega production, so it's time to bring out your inner star. Jump into the line-up and dance your way to fame. Mumbai awaits you!