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elrow Town (Netherlands) “Highly Commended” A Greener Festival Award 2021


The awards are split into four categories: outstanding, highly commended, commended and improvers.

Among the festivals to be recognised are the Lost Village Festival (cap, 5,000) in Lincolnshire, which was rated an improver. The only event to be categorised as outstanding was Paradise City (8,000) in Belgium, while Spain did particularly well with its Festival de la Luz, Cridem pel Clima, Madblue and South Summit all being recognised.

Launched in 2007, the AGF Awards is a certification scheme for sustainable events. The assessment includes power, transport, material usage, water and sanitation, local ecosystems and community, CO2 emissions, communication, behaviour change and management systems.

Last year considerations such as the Tyndall Report commissioned by Massive Attack, and the LIVE Beyond Zero Declaration were incorporated into the assessment.

The AGF Awards are also available to tours, arenas and venues including outdoor parks and outdoor event spaces.

The awards will be presented during the Green Events & Innovations Conference and International Live Music Conference on 29 April.

AGF CEO Claire O’Neill said, “We’re impressed by these events that not only took place in 2021, which was a feat in itself, but also maintained and developed their actions to reduce negative environmental impacts and enhance positive community impacts. Record numbers of events worldwide have applied for AGF certification in 2022. This shows the appetite and need for genuine action for sustainability, and the expectation from audiences and local authorities alike for events to prove their minimum environmental standards.”

Festivals and events to making the grade in 2021 are:

Paradise City (Belgium)

“Outstanding” A Greener Festival Award 2021

elrow Town (Netherlands)

“Highly Commended” A Greener Festival Award 2021

Cridem pel Clima (Spain)

“Commended” A Greener Festival Award 2021

Deep Tropics (USA)

“Commended” A Greener Festival Awards 2021

Festival de la Luz (Spain)

“Commended” A Greener Festival Award 2021

Lost Village (UK)

“Improvers” A Greener Festival Award 2021

Madblue (Spain)

“Improvers” A Greener Festival Award 2021

South Summit (Spain)

“Improvers” A Greener Event Award 2021